[Free Webinar] with Will Guidara

How to Build a Brand Centered on Unreasonable Hospitality

Thursday, 30 May 2024, 15:00-16:00 CEST

Learn from the former co-owner of the world's best restaurant, 'Eleven Madison Park' - Will Guidara. 

For a long time, the world's economy was mainly about making things; now, it's more about providing services, which are a big part of the economy everywhere. 

These days, just making good products or being quick isn't enough. It's important how we make people feel when we work with them or serve them.

To open our session, Professor Xavier Oliver from our webinar partner IESE Business School will share his insights on Customer Oriented Organizations, and how these develop lasting competitive advantages. Following him, Will Guidara delves into the economic shift towards hospitality and personalized care, demonstrating how businesses can elevate everyday customer interactions into memorable experiences. 

Learning points:
  • Why our world is becoming a hospitality economy
  • Which strategies you must embrace for your brand
  • Why emotional connection with your customers is crucial 
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