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Work with us



The team behind the Oslo Business Forum is growing fast. Two has grown to ten, and we are still looking for people who will help challenge established mindset, business models and management in European businesses. 

If traditional education structures fail to keep up with a technologically driven social change, the result will increase inequalities and inferior competitiveness. Therefore, we will be creating new educational structures that raise the whole community.

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We challenge the established mindset and management models

We do this by providing good and relevant content about technology, leadership and sustainability for decision makers. An exciting mix of podcasts, webinars, articles and videos creates a good framework for learning. Twice a year, we gather leaders across industries and sectors to inspire and motivate action.



Become part of a professional, young and forward-looking company


Oslo Business Forum consists of curious, forward-looking and quick employees. The culture has been strong in creating one of Norway's most important meeting places for leaders in Norway in record time.

Create networks with national and international senior executives

By working in Oslo Business Forum you have met many exciting profiles in Norwegian business. Networking is central to the core business. At our conferences, you will also meet world-renowned entrepreneurs and executives.

Have responsibility from day one and a steep learning curve

The entire culture of Oslo Business Forum is based on trial and error. That's why everyone in the company has a big responsibility from day one and the ability to make a big impact on what we're doing.


I wake up genuinely excited to get to work - I get to do what I love and two days are never the same. Being a small, motivated team, we take immense pride in our work, and more tangibly, our output. The time from idea to implementation is fast, so we can see immediate results - which is rewarding and gives me a true sense of purpose. I also get to work with a pretty awesome crew, we laugh a lot and have a great team energy.

-Emily Nothway, Digital Marketer at Oslo Business Forum