Privacy Policy

Who manages the data?
It is the general manager of Oslo Business Forum (Oslo Business Forum AS as a legal entity) who is responsible for managing the personal information of our existing and potential customers. It is the communications manager, the financial controller and the general manager of the computer.

What is the purpose?
The purpose of processing personal data is to be able to carry out our primary service, which is conferences and secondary services such as the implementation of webinars, as well as the production and distribution of market content. Personal information is also used in the marketing of these primary and secondary services.

What personal information is processed?
What personal information is collected depends on what purpose it will be used for and we will not collect more than necessary. When registering for a conference, we use the full name, telephone number, email, job title, company name and person or company payment information. In addition, we treat information about a business visit, but this is not defined as personal information. By signing up for market actions such as, but not limited to: newsletter, webinar and course, it will collect name, email and phone number, work title and company.

Where is the information obtained?
To attend our conferences, receive information, content or other market material from the Oslo Business Forum, we need simple personal information from you. Oslo Business Forum only sends information to people who have actively provided us with their personal information. This may have happened, but not limited to, registration to webinars, newsletters, participation during conference and / or digital course participation.

Is it voluntary to disclose the information?
It is not possible to conduct Oslo Business Forum primary or secondary services without a minimum of personal information from a customer and / or user. When attending a conference, personal information is required in connection with invoice information and follow-up. It is non-sensitive personal information such as full name, phone number, email, job title and company name and company information. Large portions of our market materials, courses and webinars are distributed via email. This is why Oslo Business collects in order to provide the content the customer or user has requested by filling in the contact form. We use the given phone number and name for follow-up and marketing. It is therefore not voluntary if you wish to give Oslo Business Forum your personal information.

Is the information provided to third parties?
Our customer and user lists are unevenly uploaded to the social media Facebook. This to distribute relevant content and ads to these people in the mentioned network. In addition, neither the entire or part of our customer and user lists will be shared with third parties. If primary or secondary services or market actions such as, but not limited to, webinars or courses are conducted with a partner, personal information may be shared with them. This will be clarified with customer and / or user upon registration to a given event, webinar or course. This will be approved from time to time. Information about job title and company name will be used for statistical purposes.

How are the information deleted and archived?
In order not to receive more emails from the Oslo Business Forum, you can unsubscribe from our e-mail list in every e-mail we send. If you do not want to share your personal information with third parties like Facebook, please contact us directly If you as a participant of an upcoming event under the auspices of Oslo Business Forum as well wish to have your personal information removed, this can not be done before the invoice is paid. We will also have to keep certain personal information in order to comply with the Accounting Act.

What rights does the individual and which country's legislation apply?
As registered in the Oslo Business Forum's User and Customer List, you have the right to access all personal information we have about you. You also have the right to delete all your personal information, provided that it does not conflict with the Accounting Act.

How is the information secured?
Your personal information will be stored with password protection on Google Drive and Hubspot. When the lists of personal data are moved from one of the mentioned systems or to third parties such as Facebook, the CSV file will temporarily be stored on a password-protected computer. Once the move is completed, the file will be deleted within a reasonable time.