Leading by example

Sustainability Initiatives

At Oslo Business Forum, we are driven by the principle of cross-generational responsibility. Understanding that our choices today will shape tomorrow's world, we are committed to responsible business practices with a keen focus on their long-term impact. This commitment is reflected in our sustainable initiatives:

  1. Tree Donations
  2. Reusable Event Material 
  3. Locally Sourced Food
  4. Public Transport
  5. Reducing Food Waste
  6. Diversity & Inclusion
"It's not a choice between our environment and our economy;it's a choice between prosperity and decline."

Barack Obama

Keynote Speaker 2018

1. Tree Donations

In our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and carbon reduction, OBF is dedicated to planting trees. Starting in 2024, we will plant at least one tree for every attendee at our events. This initiative not only reduces our carbon footprint but also significantly enhances carbon capture.

In addition to our efforts, we proudly acknowledge the Business Forum Group's remarkable achievement in this area. Since 2011, BFG has donated approximately 731,820 tree plants altogether.

2. Reusable Event Materials

We reduce waste by avoiding single-use items and carefully choosing giveaways like notebooks and pens for their positive impact. In 2023, we eliminated bottled water and disposable cups and tableware and recycled 95% of our lanyards from past events, while also pushing ourselves, our subcontractors, and the venue to exceed in recycling efforts.

3. Locally Sourced Food

Our food production aims for a lower environmental footprint than typical daily consumption by using locally sourced ingredients, with exceptions for coffee, tea, and some spices. We avoid serving red meat to inspire our audience and other events with our sustainable catering choices.

4. Public Transport

We promote and utilize public transportation, especially trains, whenever possible. To discourage private transportation to the event, we do not pay for customers’ or employees’ parking.

Our event venue NOVA SPEKTRUM is easily accessible by public transportation. We also discourage the use of private flights for our speakers and customers who travel to us from abroad.

5. Reducing Food Waste 

Surplus food during OBF is donated to the social organization Kirkens Bymisjon. This initiative transforms excess food into healthy meals for those in need at Møtestedet.

6. Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to have no one gender overpopulated in our stage agenda and ensure cultural and ethnic diversity in our speakers as well. We also strive for gender balance and cultural diversity within our teams.