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[Online bootcamp]:

Leadership & Innovation in Changing Times

How can you successfully lead your organization through this disruption and boost overall morale, and ultimately, organizational success?

How is it OK that only:

  • 17% of employees are fully engaged in their work?
  • 1/5 employees believe their opinions matter at work?
  • 1/10 have the freedom to experiment with new methods, solutions and products?

Obviously, none of these are OK. Especially in times of pandemic and fast change.

Join us at our online bootcamp the 22nd of April 2021. It's going to be practical, engaging and filled with insights and examples.

Most importantly; it will equip you to make an extraordinary difference in your organization.

Make a difference

Learn how to:

  1. Turn every employee into an entrepreneur
  2. Lead in a way which sparks innovation
  3. Avoid complexity; unproductive meetings, endless emails, and reports-for-the-sake-of-reporting.
  4. Increase customer trust, staff retention
  5. Find game-changing opportunities for your organization
  6. Reinvent your business model and add new customer value

All this is essential for any organization that wants to innovate from the core everyday and wants to attract the very best talent.


How to get the most out of the bootcamp
Studio Talks
Session 1: Leadership and Innovation in Changing Times
Gary Hamel
Session 2: TBA
Session 3: Kill the Company to Save the Company
Lisa Bodell
Session 4: Game Changing Leadership
Seth Godin
Session 5: Wrap up; Implementable ideas and actionable tools from the bootcamp presented
Gary Hamel
Discussions and learning points
Studio Talks


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Livestream to all employees

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For companies that want to stream the content to all employees.

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