Joining Oslo Business Forum in April? Here’s how you can travel to the venue for free

This year you don't need to worry about parking tickets or public transport. The easiest way to get to the venue is to travel for free (and in a climate-friendly way) with Santander. 

When Santander stepped into Oslo Business Forum's conference world, they did so in a powerful way.

“In 2019, we are helping make the Oslo Business Forum conference climate positive. One of the reasons we are a partner is so that we can provide the conference attendees with valuable content,” says Anna Berndtsson, Head of Marketing and Sponsorships at Santander.

How can you as an attendee get the most out of the conference? Here are Berndtsson’s top three pieces of advice:

  1. Come prepared. Read about the speakers and the topics they are going to talk about beforehand.

  2. Plan the day to get as much as possible out of the conference. There will be many things to listen to and learn about during the conference.

  3. Visit the Fireside Stage and get involved with what’s happening during the day. We have invited four interesting female speakers who will perform a state-of-the-art-scene, so make sure to be there!

Sustainable traveling

After Oslo Business Forum’s last conference in September, many pointed out that there was a need for more transportation options; ones that involved leaving the cars at home.

“Through our partnership with Chooose, we want the attendees to break patterns in their everyday lives that are not sustainable. We want to reduce CO2 by making it easier and more flexible for everyone to travel to and from the conference by offering free buses,” Berndtsson says. In cooperation with Chooose, all busses are made climate positive.

You don’t have to pay like last year – just show up and there will be a bus to take you to the conference. From both Oslo Airport Gardermoen and Oslo City Centre.

“This is better for the climate and you will get to and from the conference much faster than by car or taxi,” Berndtsson says.

The buses are leaving from both Oslo Airport Gardermoen and Thon Hotell Opera within the time frame 07:30 to 08:40, and are returning after the conference.

I am really happy that we can offer shuttle buses as a free service to our participants. We want to make help the OBF attendees travel in a safe and sustainable way,” says Oslo Business Forum project manager, Andreas Kustås.

Improving the sustainable impact  

Our partnership is much more than just contributing to a conference. Santander wants to change and improve the arena for collaboration, networking and idea sharing among businesses in Norway together with Oslo Business Forum, ”Berndtsson says.

Santander wants to encourage the Silicon Valley mindset in Norway through idea sharing and working together with other businesses in becoming even more international and digitized.

Oslo Business Forum has started the journey and have created a great platform for this. This is something Santander wants to be a part of,”  Berndtsson says.

Santander is already moving in a sustainable direction, part of their business vision is: “Go beyond banking.” To them, this means to “take an active role in redefining banking” Berndtsson explains. Therefore, Santander is always experimenting with new, sustainable ways to develop their business.

We are also supporting initiatives outside our own business. As a large company, we support and partner with Right to Play and Chooose. Together with Oslo Business Forum, we will make the conference, Digital Leadership, climate positive. We are always searching for sustainable solutions and initiatives.”

Oslo Business Forum Partnership Manager, Fredrik C. Paulshus Dehli is happy that Santander wants to be a part of their conferences.

“Santander is a partner that truly delivers value to Oslo Business Forums conferences - not only are they creating a unique atmosphere at the Fireside Stage, but Santander is also an ambassador of Sustainability through green transportation. Oslo Business Forum is immensely proud to have Santander as a partner, and we are looking forward to future collaboration,” he says.

“Enjoy the conference. Get to the Fireside Stage during the day to see what’s happening there. It will be really great!” Berndtsson ends.