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Six ways tech will change the way you live and work

Predicting the future of technology is hardly an exact science, but when you watch an industry closely it is possible to identify trends and chart a course for where things are likely headed. 

Here are predictions made by one of Britain's top digital influencers and one of Europe's 30 leading women in tech, Shivvy Jervis.

Jervis demystifies some of the most complex technological concepts that radically reshapes sectors, industries and ultimately our day-to-day lives. She champions the notion of ‘tech-for-good’ and the role of digital as a catalyst and driver of meaningful value. We had the opportunity to meet her and ask her one of this year's most pressing questions:

What do you believe will be the biggest way technology will change the way we live and work in the next few years?

A: I’m an optimistic Futurist and focus on fantastic ways technology will reshape how we live and work. This will include:

1. Digital becoming… Human

I’ve been researching what I call ‘Emotive AI’ for years now – interfaces that will accurately perceive, read and respond to our human emotions in real time. This will become the norm and could surprise many consumers with just how “ human” and effective these virtual avatars are.

2. Conversational Commerce & ‘Always On’ businesses

Within the Emotive AI strand lies the most effective application – conversations with human-like avatars versus dreary text bots. We will access customer service at brands, service providers and businesses 24/7 versus being limited to the confines of their helplines.

3. Pre-empting our Needs

We will gather more data than ever before on consumer behavior and device use that will allow companies to  predict our needs for products and services.


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4. Digital Identity

Keeping our digital data secure will remain top of mind, and advanced tools will help us do this more effectively than we are managing now. I focus heavily on “bio-security” – using our unique biological markers to tell a system “you” are you.

5. Replacing Tedium

Studies show 30% of our roles can be automated – and this isn’t a bad thing. Advanced AI – responsibly used of course – will take on the repetitive tasks, freeing us up to be more productive and focus on the big decision making.

6. Multi-sensory Experiences

Immersive reality – a blend of AR, VR and “touch” reality – will transform sectors spanning manufacturing, defense, medicine, engineering and retail. Teams will be able to interact with one another within an immersive environment to work on new prototypes or brainstorm.


Shivvy Jervis will join Oslo Business Forum on September 25, 2019. See the full speaker lineup here.