Working Cultures after Corona

Jitske Kramer

Jitske Kramer is a best-selling author. Her books are about her journey of discovery about how people can be good together. How we can build strong tribes, safe for differences and ready for change. How we can work and live well together, even with people we might not like. How people shape cultures and how cultures shape people.


What to learn from Jitske?

Working Cultures after Corona

Jitske sees the coronavirus as a global culture shock. A keynote about dealing with changes, hybrid working and remote leadership

  • Is this a crisis or a transformation? 

  • How to lead remotely? 

  • How to collaborate on a project if you can’t get together?

  • How to maintain connections and pride? 

  • How to ensure no one is overcome with loneliness or overwhelmed by the workload? 
  • How to train new people? 

  • How to discuss difficult topics and maintain a good atmosphere when working remotely?