Sahar Hashemi

Entrepreneurial Innovator & Bestselling Author

'Unlocking Start-up Culture in Big Business'

Sahar Hashemi brought a fresh flavor to the UK when she co-founded Coffee Republic, introducing the first US-style coffee bar chain to the nation. Working alongside her brother, Sahar transformed her vision into one of the UK's beloved high street brands, boasting 110 bars and achieving a turnover of £30m. After leaving Coffee Republic in 2001, Sahar didn't stop innovating. In 2005, she launched Skinny Candy, a pioneering sugar-free sweets brand, which she successfully sold in 2007.

In addition to her business ventures, Sahar is the author of the bestselling "Anyone Can Do It: Building Coffee Republic from Our Kitchen Table" and "Switched On." Her books and talks inspire individuals and organizations to foster an entrepreneurial mindset within established companies.


Sahar stands as a beacon for entrepreneurial thinking, demonstrating through her own successes how fostering an innovative culture can drive companies forward. She encourages organizations to adopt the agility and passion of startups, ensuring they remain competitive and innovative.


By sharing her journey of creating and growing Coffee Republic and Skinny Candy, Sahar offers invaluable insights into overcoming the challenges of scaling a business in the fast-paced consumer sector. Her approach to innovation and growth is a roadmap for entrepreneurs and business leaders alike.


Sahar believes in the power of leadership to cultivate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within any organization. Through her experiences and insights, she provides practical strategies for leaders to inspire, motivate, and bring out the best in their teams, transforming traditional business models to adapt to the new market dynamics.

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What to learn from Sahar Hashemi?

'Unlocking Start-up Culture in Big Business'

Sahar will reveal how to infuse a fresh, entrepreneurial spirit into established companies. This session is crucial for anyone looking to inject innovation into their business practices, ensuring their organization is resilient, adaptable, and continuously evolving in the face of change.

  • Encourage an entrepreneurial mindset for continuous innovation and growth.
  • Master strategies to scale businesses from startups to established firms.
  • Understand how to lead in a way that promotes a culture receptive to change and innovation.