Howad Yu

Future-Ready Strategist

'Creating a Future-Proof Organization'

The mind behind the award-winning bestseller LEAP and Director of IMD’s Advanced Management Program, brings his expertise to the Oslo Business Forum. With a rich background from his early days in Hong Kong to his doctoral studies at Harvard Business School, Yu has consistently bridged the gap between academia and the global business landscape. His work, recognized by prestigious awards from EFMD and Thinkers50, has influenced some of the world’s leading companies.

At IMD, Howard Yu spearheads the Advanced Management Program, a role that afforded him unique insights into the challenges and opportunities in the modern business environment. His thought leadership, regularly featured in Forbes and Harvard Business Review, delves into the critical aspects of innovation and sustainability in business practices.


Howard Yu is a pioneer in technological innovation and strategic foresight, guiding companies to sustain growth by anticipating and leading through change. He empowers organizations to navigate industry shifts with strategies that ensure long-term success


As director of IMD’s Center for Future Readiness, Howard develops tools like the Future Readiness Indicator to measure and enhance organizations' adaptability to long-term trends. His work helps companies identify and act on the opportunities of tomorrow, ensuring they are always ahead of the curve.


With acclaimed works such as "Leap" and contributions to leading publications, Howard stands as a leading voice on transforming established firms to thrive in dynamic markets. His insights into strategic transformation and change management are invaluable for businesses seeking to leverage innovation for competitive advantage.

What to learn from Howard Yu?

'Creating a Future-Proof Organization'

At Oslo Business Forum Howard will unveil the key strategies for 'Creating a Future-Proof Organization'. This talk is a must-attend for leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the complexities of the contemporary business world, ensuring their organizations not only survive but thrive in an era of unprecedented change. 

  • Master technological innovation and strategic change for sustained growth.
  • Use the Future Readiness Indicator to ensure long-term success by being future-ready.
  • Transform and adapt traditional models to thrive in a changing market.