Ukrainian Maryna Saprykina Wins Speaker Contest 2023

Maryna Saprykina is the winner of the Speaker Contest 2023, a yearly speaker talent competition organized by the Business Forum Group. Saprykina is a sustainability consultant from Ukraine. As the winner, she will go on to speak at Oslo Business Forum, Nordic Business Forum, and Amsterdam Business Forum and receives a €50 000 speaker fee.

Myrana_2Maryna Saprykina, Ukrainian sustainability consultant at CSR Ukraine. 

Business Forum Group’s fourth Speaker Contest concluded 2023 at Scandic Helsinki Hub, where five finalists competed for the combined vote of the jury and hybrid audience. The jury consisted of seven members: 

- Christoffer Omberg, CEO and Co-Founder at Oslo Business Forum
- Hans Janssen, CEO and Founder at DenkProducties
- Hans-Peter Siefen, CEO and Co-Founder of Business Forum Group
- Priit Liiv, CEO of Nordic Business Forum
- Christina Dahlblom, Professor of Practice, Board member, Entrepreneur, and Coach
- Paula Kilpinen; Director and Executive Coach at Henley Business School
- Rashmi Kasat-Majakorpi, Vice President at Digital Technologies Metso.

This year, over 200 promising speakers sent their videos and biographies to the Business Forum Group in hopes of joining the contest. After selecting 24 contestants for the semifinal rounds, the jury picked the final five, and finally, the winner was voted together with the jury and the audience. The other four finalists were;

- Thijs Launspach, Psychologist, author
- Pep Rosenfeld, Event host, leadership trainer, comedian
- Ritu G. Mehrish, Executive and team coach, author
- Tobias Sturesson, Co-founder, entrepreneur
- Maryna Saprykina, Sustainability consultant

Speaker Contest 2023From left to right: Tobias Sturesson, Ritu G. Mehrish, Maryna Saprykina, Thijs Launspach and Pep Rosenfeld

“This is not my victory, it is the victory of extremely resilient Ukrainian businesses. I am very proud of my people and my country.”

Saprykina will give their keynote 'Sustainability in the Times' of War next in September at Oslo Business Forum among other high-profile speakers such as Sir Richard Branson and Malala Yousafzai. 

The conferences will be held in Oslo on September 26-27, in Helsinki on September 27-28, and in Amsterdam on September 29. Over 10,000 C-level executives, leaders, and business owners are expected to attend the conferences.

Maryna Saprykina
Saprykina is a Ukrainian sustainability consultant at CSR Ukraine. She is also the founder of the Ukrainian Women Entrepreneurs Hub. UWE Hub is a community of conscious female entrepreneurs who are interested in developing their own business and stakeholders who are ready to support women's businesses.

Additional information: 
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