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#1: Randi Zuckerberg - Women in Tech

This episode dives into the entrepreneurship gene, our relationship to technology and women in tech. Which is why it is perfect that we are talking to one of the most influential women in tech on the planet, Randi Zuckerberg. 

Randi graduated from Harvard in 2003 and later became one of the first employees at Facebook, working alongside her brother, the company's founder. She left Facebook in 2011, and has since authored four books, started her own media company, run multiple television shows, and even performed on Broadway.

In April she joined us in Norway at the Oslo Business Forum where she told us her honest reflections on the silicon valley mentality and ended her spectacular talk with a personal song about our relationship to technology which made the crowd go wild. Joining us on the podcast today are also her co-founders at the Zuckerberg Insititute Brian Patrik Murphy and Michael Littig.

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