Why Should You Bring Your Team to Oslo Business Forum?

Let’s cut the chase. If you are a leader or a business owner, your participation in Oslo Business Forum 2022, is a direct investment in yourself, your team, and your company. Attending the event will help you connect with a pool of passionate C-level executives, expand your knowledge, and get new ideas and tools that you can use to take your organization to the next level.

But why is it important that you bring your team along? Well if the list of reasons mentioned above wasn’t enough to convince you, here we provide a few more:

Reason #1: More People = More Value“Maybe it was all an exception?”

Whether it would be your management team, the board of directors, or another specific group, coming together with a team would maximize the value you get out of the event. Different people can pick up different insights and they might learn something that you miss. One person can only absorb so much during two intensive days, so being there with a team can help you make the most of it. After the event, you can have a workshop with your entire team to go through all the development ideas. By combining many inspired minds with fresh new ideas, you will accelerate your team’s (and therefore also your organization’s) growth and development.

If you are aiming at building new business relationships, bringing your team is a smart choice. There will be 3,000 people from tens of different countries for you to network with. Alone you have no chance of meeting up with them all but with a team you can at least get closer.

Reason #2: Training Budget Well Spent

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”, said John F. Kennedy. We agree; leadership and learning go hand in hand. Therefore, you probably have (or if you don’t, you should have) a training budget for yourself and for your employees. And we know, training your team requires not only money but also time. This is why we have gathered a full year’s worth of training material into a compact two-day package.

At the event, 10 top leadership and business experts will step on stage. If you listen carefully and take notes, you’ll probably get at least one development idea or tool from each speech. This means that you would have at least one new idea for each month of the year after the event. If you work 8 hours per day for around 260 days per year, it sums up to a bit over 2,000 hours a year. We dare to argue, that spending around 20 hours of the entire 2,000 (around 1% of your team’s working time) with us and getting year’s worth of training, is time well spent.

How about money then? If you divide the price of the ticket (now 9,995 + VAT) for each month, you would spend a bit over 800 NOK a month for getting a new idea or tool to improve your business. So, for example, for your management team of ten people, it would mean that you would spend around the 850€ a month for developing your entire management team for the entire year. We are pretty sure the ticket expenses would quickly turn into a great investment.

If that isn’t value for your training budget, we don’t know what is.

Reason #3: Make It a Team-Building Day

We believe that a strong team that learns, develops, and has fun together, also works more efficiently and creatively. So, why not get your team together and spend two inspirational days with us at the event? You (or your HR team) can save time (and maybe even money) for leaving the organization of a team-building day to us. We will provide an insightful program, take care of food and drinks, and make sure your team enjoys the ride. You can focus on getting inspired and making sure that after the event, you and your team will actually implement the ideas and tools you got at the event.

If you still need convincing, remember this: “It’s all about growing your people, not you. You grow from the reflected glory of your people”, said Jack Welch.


Bonus: Provide the NBF Live Stream for Your Entire Company

If bringing your team to the physical event is for one reason or another out of question for you, worry not! We have two solutions for you:

  • A group license that allows you to organize a watch party in one location.
  • Company wide access to the livestream through our event platform

Both options give you the opportunity to watch our live stream with a bigger group or enjoy the event recordings for 90 days after the event. Read more about our live streaming options!


PS. If you’re not the one sitting on top of your organization’s training budget, show this list of reasons to the person in your organization who is and convince them to invest in the learning and development of your team.

Join us in September to see him live at Oslo Business Forum 2022: Future-Focused Leadership. Sign up now to secure your spot!