New Volvo XC90 Makes Norway Debut at Oslo Business Forum

Volvo Cars will present their new and refreshed version of their XC90 during the Oslo Business Forum Conference, Digital Leadership on April 4. Volvo Car Norway is the Oslo Business Forum's new mobility partner.

Maybe you have seen Volvo’s popular SUV, XC90 cruising scandinavian roads?

Volvo Cars recently launched an updated version of the car that now comes with Volvo's brand new mild hybrid-technology. But what else is new?

“The Oslo Business Forum is a great arena for showing off the new XC90. We will have the chance to meet customer groups who are both interested in the car and engaged in technology and sustainability, just as we are at Volvo,” says Nils Fredrik Wisløff-Høgestøl, marketing & communications manager i Volvo Car Norway AS. 

Earlier this year, Volvo Car Norway entered a strategic partnership with Oslo Business Forum and became their new mobility partner.

The Digital Leadership conference on April 4 takes place at X Meeting Point, a short drive outside of Oslo, Norway. World-class speakers such as CNN's Richard Quest, CTO Dr. Werner Vogels in Amazon, futurist Nancy Giordano and design anthropologist and psychologist Anna Kirah will present on stage.

Marius Røed Wang, Oslo Business Forum, Volvo partnership, Nils Fredrik Wisløff

Nils Fredrik Wisløff-Høgestøl, marketing & communications manager i Volvo Car Norway AS
and co-founder and owner of Oslo Business Forum, Marius Røed Wang

A Regenerative Braking System

The updated version of the XC90 is delivered with Volvo Cars' advanced regenerative braking system (Kinetic Energy Recovery Braking System) for the first time.

The system is connected to the car's existing combustion engine and makes it a new, integrated and electrified powertrain, under Volvo's new "B" emblem. B comes in addition to D and T representing diesel and gasoline-based drivelines, respectively.

“The new electrified powertrain provides up to 15 percent fuel savings and emission reductions in real driving situations. We believe this technology will make the car even more relevant to the Norwegian market,” says Wisløff-Høgestøl.

Volvo has also changed the car inside, while also getting new rims, exterior colors and a new and modern grill. The XC90 now also comes as a variant with six seats.

Why Oslo Business Forum is an Important Arena

Co-founder and owner of Oslo Business Forum, Marius Røed Wang, is delighted that Volvo has chosen their conference to showcase the company's new flagship.

“It's great that Volvo is using our conference to showcase their latest version of one of the their most important cars. It tells us that we have managed to create an arena that important and innovative players are prioritizing,” Wang says before adding: 

“We are challenging the status quo, which Volvo also focuses on. They are a player who dares to look at mobility in a new way. We believe that the collaboration will create great value for both parties and we look forward to getting one of the world's strongest brands on the team.”

You can already order your new XC90 from your local Volvo dealer. At the Oslo Business Forum there is the opportunity book a test drive and order the car.