Iza Sia Login: Manifestation and the Flashlight Leadership Model

Iza Sia Login is the co-founder of the Login5 Foundation and the CEO of Reemina Academy. She is a tech entrepreneur, a conscious businesswoman, an influential thought leader, and a philanthropist. 

At Oslo Business Forum, Iza Sia shared her story of co-founding the tech unicorn Outfit7 and its franchise Talking Tom and how manifestation fueled the company’s success. She offered leaders a model to inspire similar results. 

From vision to manifestation

Iza Sia began her presentation to leaders with a story, taking them on a journey from an ambitious vision to the manifestation of that goal.

In 2010, Iza Sia, her husband, and six self-described “computer geeks” founded the mobile gaming startup, Outfit7. At the time, none of them had experience starting or running a company, and they didn’t even have a clear business idea. What they did have was an ambitious goal: to earn $100 million USD and sell the company in five years.

Iza Sia and the rest of the Outfit7 team worked hard. They began with a manifestation workshop in which they set their goals: 1 million downloads within six months and 10 million downloads within one year. They began developing apps and saw some success but were far from achieving their goals. 
Just 5 days before the first manifestation was due,  they released their last app before they would have been forced to close down. Talking Tom Cat instantly became a viral hit. Iza Sia and the co-founders surpassed both of their manifested goals that year, going on to collect over 18 billion downloads. The World got a new favorite cat...

By the end of 2017, just seven years after inception, the company was  sold for $1 billion USD. The co-founders earned ten times more funds that they initially manifested. “This is my proof that manifestation works,” said Iza Sia.

What do you need for manifestation?

Iza Sia defines manifestation as setting clearly defined, conceivable outcomes. She described some of the components necessary for the successful manifestation of those goals.

  • Action. Iza Sia reminded leaders that to achieve a goal, you need action. As important as it is to define a goal and set an objective, a company cannot be successful without taking action.

  • Teamwork. Action is not enough for a company to succeed, however. Iza Sia believes that true success requires people working together as a team towards a goal that is clearly communicated and understood. If the employees don’t fully embrace the goal, they will pull in different directions as they work and the vector of their combined work effort will become much weaker than it could be when everyone is aligned. 

  • Passion. Although communication is critical to a company’s success, Iza Sia believes it’s also necessary to have passion. She described a lack of passion as the biggest problem with teamwork. “Without passion, we can’t manifest,” she said.


"Passion is the fuel that takes us toward the goal."

  • Purpose. Some people work hard and are passionate but are not successful. Why? The missing ingredient is purpose. “Purpose is not about what we do,” said Iza Sia. “Purpose is about why we do what we do.” She believes that when leaders intentionally set their corporate purpose, it can become the biggest source of inspiration for their people. This enormous source of energy can then be directed towards manifesting goals.

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The flashlight leadership model

Iza Sia shared a novel leadership secret with participants at Oslo Business Forum: the flashlight leadership model. She described it as a model to help leaders remember all the elements necessary to succeed. 

There are five major parts of a flashlight, each of which is important for the flashlight to operate.

  1. The battery represents purpose and values. It is the energy the flashlight uses to work. 
  2. The bulb represents the leader. The leader is there to translate the energy from the bulb into light for the teams, creating the space and setting the direction.
  3. The lens represents the people. The better the lens, the better the leader’s light is amplified and focused.
  4. The casing represents systems and processes. Businesses have long relied on processes for success, but they are only part of the puzzle.
  5. The beam represents impact and success. It is the result of our work. 

Iza Sia believes that taking care of all the parts of the flashlight creates the ground for success through manifestation. 

In closing, Isa Sia asked leaders, “Do you know what you want in your business? Do your employees know that? She reminded leaders that if they know their objectives and take care of all parts of the flashlight, manifestation can make it possible to reach them faster. 

Key Points

  • Manifestation starts with setting clearly defined, conceivable goals. 
  • There are many components necessary for successful manifestation, including action, teamwork, passion, and purpose. 
  • The flashlight leadership model reminds leaders of all the elements necessary for successful manifestation. 
    • The battery represents purpose and values. 
    • The bulb represents the leader. 
    • The lens represents the people. 
    • The casing represents systems and processes. 
    • The beam represents impact and strategy.

Questions to Consider

  • Do you know what you want in your company? Have you clearly defined your goals?
  • Do your people know and understand the company’s goals? Are they empowered to work as a team? 
  • Have you defined your purpose? How does your purpose fuel your passion?
  • How can the flashlight leadership model help you achieve the manifestation of your goals?

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