Expanding Horizons Together with Thinkers50

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you! As a proud member of the Business Forum Group, we are now embarking on a collaboration with Thinkers50, to bring a wave of opportunities and enhanced experiences to our communities.

Thinkers50 is the world’s most reliable resource for identifying, ranking, and sharing the leading management ideas of our age. Every two years, Thinkers50 salutes the leading business and management ideas with its ranking of management thinkers and Distinguished Achievement Awards, described by the Financial Times as “the Oscars of management thinking”.

Thinkers50 community members have been some of the most popular speakers at our events. They include Amy Edmondson, Erin Meyer, Amy Webb, Martin Lindstrom and one of our 2024 headliners, Adam Grant.

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for Business Forum Group and Oslo Business Forum. It represents not just a union of influential entities, but a fusion of vision and values that resonate with our commitment to excellence and innovation. 

Here's what this partnership means for Oslo Business Forum and our Norwegian community:

  • Collective growth: This collaboration marks a significant step in our journey of growth, allowing us to serve each of our customers and communities with even greater value.
  • Enhanced speaker search and curation: We're excited about the collaborative possibilities in speaker search, ensuring that we bring you voices that inspire and inform.
  • More international partnerships: With the collaboration we aim to create more networking opportunities leveraging global awareness of the Thinkers50 brand.

We are confident that this partnership will not only reinforce our position as a leading forum in Norway but also elevate the experiences we offer, ensuring that Oslo Business Forum remains at the forefront of business innovation and leadership development.

Warm regards,

Christoffer Omberg & Marius Røed Wang
Co-Founders, Oslo Business Forum