Dr. Zoe Chance to Oslo Business Forum 2022

Dr. Zoe Chance, the professor behind Yale School of Management's most popular class, is now confirmed to Oslo Business Forum 2022. She will join the lineup of speakers together with Steve Wozniak, Amy Edmondson and Yuval Noah Harari.

- This is absolutely great news. Zoe is an award-winning professor at Yale and an expert on persuasion and decision-making. To finally have her here in Oslo is a great step towards becoming the most significant business conference in the world by 2025, says Andreas Kustås, Executive Producer in Oslo Business Forum.

Dr. Zoe Chance earned her doctorate from Harvard and now teaches the most popular course at Yale School of Management, which is the basis for her international bestseller, INFLUENCE IS YOUR SUPERPOWER. Her framework for behavior change is the foundation for Google’s global food policy. and before academia, she managed a $200 million segment of the Barbie brand at Mattel. 

At Oslo Business Forum 2022, the professor will teach you how to transform your life, your organization, and perhaps even the course of history. It’s an ethical approach to influence that will make life better for everyone, starting with you.

Learn how to get what you want without compromising who you are, from the professor behind Yale School of Management's most popular class

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