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#3 Analytics4Society: AI in action

Can facial recognition technology reduce the number of missing people in mature tech countries by 80% by 2023 as Gartner predicts?  

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Video with: Jørn Seglem, Managing Director SAS Institute. Ingvar Larsson, CEO and Lars Kvinge, Data Scientist, Knowit Decision Oslo AS.

According to Gartner’s predictions, by 2023 there will be an 80% reduction in missing people in mature tech countries compared to 2018, due to AI technology. Knowit recently won the SAS Nordic Hackathon competition with their case, “Where is my daughter?” which uses machine learning and face recognition to find missing people in refugee camps.

Tune in to this episode of #Analytics4Society where we discuss use of AI for the greater good of society, the ethics and real-life examples of how such technology create value within a wide range of sectors.

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