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Interested in developing your leadership skills and to learn more about agile management?

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On this page, you may find more information on what the Leadership Program entails and which positions you can apply for.

The deadline is Friday the 25th of March 23:59.

Be part of the OBF experience!

Our vision is to challenge the status quo. Why? Because we believe that traditional thinking is holding us all back and we aim to empower leaders to change the world.

Now we are looking for a group of team leaders to join a tailor-made OBForum 2022 Leadership Program and to become the heart and soul of our conference operations. You'll have the chance to learn, grow, and gain incomparable work experience with an exceptional group of people.

Who is it for?

The OBF Leadership Program is for students looking to gain real-world immersion into marketing, project management, logistics, production, and communication. Throughout the program, you will work closely with the OBF Team, as well as experienced external stakeholders.

We are excited to offer our Team Leaders professional training and follow-up throughout the program. Previous OBF experience (through an ambassador role or similar) is strongly recommended. The Leadership Program is primarily for BI students through our partnership with BISO (BI Student Organisation). 

«I strongly believe that your network is your net worth, so making relationships is the key to career growth - this program is a great way to start building that.»

Linda Mylly

Former Head of Communication

Leadership Program Roles

These are the following roles that we are recruiting for.


Head of Commercial

Work directly with our existing partners on planning their activities and ensuring a smooth collaboration




Head of Transportation

Coordinate tailor-made transportation solutions for our speakers, VIP- and First Class clients, to ensure a seamless experience




Head of Speakers

Work closely with the conference speakers and artists to ensure a high-quality program




Head of Ambassadors

Be responsible for recruiting ambassadors to our conference and organizing events for them




Head of Logistics

Be in charge of tasks varying from organizing and implement a smooth process from registration to the time they leave the parking lot




Head of VIP Services

Work closely with our VIP customers and coordinate their unique experience at OBF 2022




Disclaimer: Changes to the program and timeline may occur. 

Leadership Training On-boarding
August 3rd, 16:00-20:00
Week 32
Planning week
Week 33-37
Leadership Program work
Week 38
Event week
Week 39-40
Post-event evaluations

Interested in applying?

Here's what you need to know!

We're looking for you who genuinely enjoy learning and self-development, who can embrace and adapt to change, are proactive and can be independent in your role. You need to be able to dedicate some time for onboarding before the summer, 2-3 days a week in the time leading up to the event, and the full event week.

In your application we ask you to write a motivation letter (Max. 1 page) explaining why you are interested in becoming a part of the Leadership Program, describing experiences and abilities that may be relevant for the position, indicating why you would be a good fit for the position. We also ask you to attach your CV with references we can contact when evaluating your candidacy.

The deadline is by Friday the 25th of March 23:59.

«The Leadership Program gives people with ambitions a rare chance to learn more about taking on responsibility in work situations.»

Filip Åkerholt

Former Head of Transportation


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