Sanna Marin

Former Prime Minister of Finland

The New Era of Leadership

Sanna Marin, esteemed as a global example of dynamic and progressive leadership, has held the distinguished honor of being one of the world’s youngest serving prime ministers in the world and Finland’s youngest ever. With a leadership style characterized by adaptability, inclusivity, and innovation, Marin's insights are profoundly relevant for executives and decision-makers. In a world where business landscapes are continuously evolving, her experience in navigating complex, multifaceted challenges while fostering an environment of collaboration and resilience offers invaluable learning.


Marin’s tenure as Prime Minister of Finland is marked by innovative solutions and forward-thinking policies. Her adeptness at merging traditional leadership principles with modern, innovative strategies makes her insights invaluable to leaders looking to navigate the complexities of the 21st-century business environment.


As one of the youngest global leaders, Marin brings a fresh, energetic perspective to leadership. Her ability to connect with a diverse range of stakeholders and drive progressive change is a testament to the power and potential of youthful leadership in shaping the future of business.


 Marin’s influence extends beyond Finland, resonating on the global stage. Her commitment to sustainability, equality, and digital innovation aligns with the universal pursuit of business that is not only profitable but also ethical and sustainable.

What to learn from Sanna Marin

'The New Era of Leadership'

In her enlightening session, "The New Era of Leadership", Sanna Marin will unravel the tapestry of contemporary leadership, weaving insights from her own journey as Finland’s youngest Prime Minister. In a world marked by rapid technological advancement and unprecedented challenges, Marin elaborates on adaptability, inclusivity, and innovation needed in steering organizations to new heights. Audience members will be given  strategies for fostering a culture of collaboration, resilience, and progressive thinking, all necessary for embracing courageous leadership.