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Shivvy Jervis at Oslo Business Forum: The Workplace of the Future

Shivvy Jervis, 5-time award-winning Innovation Futurist and nominee for role-model and
influencer of the year by the British Public, spoke at Oslo Business Forum to uncover and investigate Emotive AI and Mixed Reality. Jervis focuses on meaningful innovation that combine both profits and purpose. 

Humanizing Avatar Assistants with AI

For years, Jervis has been studying and asking: How are we going to build trust between us
and machines, software and algorithms? And how can we make it easier for you in an
organizational capacity to interact with, for example robots assistants, and any other shifts
these avatars might take?

Artificial General Intelligence 

According to Jervis, we are currently at AGI, which is Artificial General Intelligence. She makes
assumptions that in a decade or two from now we might be headed towards ASI – Artificial
Super Intelligence, which are algorithms that have the capacity to outwit its human creator.  
Jervis explains that when we start to merge computer science, neural networks and
psychology, we start to give machines something they don’t yet have: consciousness and cognition. This means the ability to read, respond and then actually simulate human
emotion in a way that is very believable.

“The future is human.”
- Shivvy Jervis

This is what is called High Order AI, according to Jervis. Offering a sense of unique
personalization such that the interaction users have and you have with that particular avatar
will be completely unique based on your moods and preferences. 

The Mixed Reality of the Future Workplace

Our immersive future is comprised of three areas:

  1. Mixed Reality
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. Virtual Reality

Through Mixed Reality, businesses can transfer information faster and work closer together with colleagues, partners and customers across the world. According to Jervis, more work sectors, not just tech-heavy companies in engineering among others, should move with the times and make use of Mixed Reality tech in their workplace and in marketing.


Jervis wants us to put our misconceptions away. New technologies aren’t too expensive, and you should start incorporating scientific technologies into your organizations today and look at using it as a tool for earning bigger profits. Companies have already started using Mixed Reality in their workplace for more efficient communication and sharing of information, as well as incorporating AR in their marketing efforts. 


Whatever the future holds for the immersive workplace, one thing is for sure: the future is human.


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Text by Cecilia Reppen