OBF+ Inspires Ideas & Innovation at Simployer

"To move forward, we need new ideas and inspiration," said Cornelia Bjørke-Hill, Head of Group Communications and PR at Simployer. "OBF+ can provide us with that."

Simployer is a leading HR tech solutions and services provider with 370 employees across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Poland. Serving more than 1.2 million users, the company helps its customers inspire, engage, and develop people. Given this focus, leaders at Simployer have a deep understanding of how learning and development can unleash the full potential in people. 

"Seeing that we in Simployer are both consumers and suppliers of leadership training, we know that learning comes in many shapes and forms. OBF+ constitutes one part of the puzzle for our internal management training alongside our own tool on offering, Simployer Learning Library."
said Cornelia. 

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Releasing the constraints of time, budget, and space

Like many organizations, Simployer faced challenges on their leadership learning journey. They were short on time, budget, and resources as they sought viable ways to provide the entire workforce with development opportunities. 

OBF+ has helped release Simployer from its previous constraints, enabling leadership training that delivers critical insights, essential knowledge, and tangible tools. "We see that OBF+ is very cost-effective, letting the whole company have access to the world-class speakers from the conference instead of sending 400 people to attend the LIVE event," said Cornelia. 

In addition to encouraging self-directed development, Simployer uses OBF+ to increase connections and collaboration. "We have had sessions with managers gathered in the same location, watching material from the conference and then discussing and relating it to our line of business," Cornelia said. "The topics are of interest not only to managers by rank but for all of us who work with the topic of management." 

  About Simployer

Simployer is a leader in the Scandinavian HR market, delivering a unique combination of HR tech and expertise tailored to local market needs. The company is the preferred choice of more than 15,000 customers, serving over 1.2 million users. With 370 Simployees in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Poland, Simployer helps customers inspire, engage, manage, and develop their workforces. Their vision is to unleash the full potential in people.

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Cornelia Bjørke-Hill | Simployer | Photo by Oslo Business Forum

Keeping pace with today's trends in learning

Simployer's expertise in HR means they have a pulse on the trends reshaping today's learning and development landscape.  

"OBF+ can provide managers with inspiration and motivation to think differently and drive innovation within the organization"

Cornelia Bjørke-Hill

"We experience that microlearning is trending," Cornelia said. "Short, focused learning sessions that can be completed quickly and easily whenever you have a learning need are in high demand."

OBF+ has given Simployer's employees personal, on-demand access to curated content that empowers them to develop their skills and enables the company's growth.

Simployer also recognizes the need for upskilling and reskilling with programs that help employees acquire new skills and knowledge aligned with the company's current and future needs.

"OBF+ can provide managers with inspiration and motivation to think differently and drive innovation within the organization," Cornelia said. 

What if there was a way for all your employees to experience a learning culture of inspiration and motivation? OBF+ offers on-demand access to curated content from Oslo Business Forum, empowering your team to develop their skills and enabling your business to grow and improve. Learn more here.