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Get to Know Randi Zuckerberg

Randi Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of production company, Zuckerberg Media, she is a best-selling author, a television show creator and a radio show host.

Early on in her career, Zuckerberg, became an executive at Facebook, to develop its marketing efforts, and went on to create Facebook Live, which by April 2018 had reached 3.5 billion broadcasts.

A turning point in Zuckerberg’s career came in 2011. She wanted to start a business to be able to help female entrepreneurs embark on their own ventures in the technology field, and inspire the next generation to have fun with technology and science. This is when Zuckerberg Media was born.

Within this business portfolio, Zuckerberg continues to create new ventures that are interactive and relatable. Zuckerberg’s eagerness to motivate female entrepreneurs has led to the launch of her weekly radio show, Dot Complicated, on SiriusXM, where she talks to leaders in the technology industry, and highlights the everyday implications of technology.

As a mother, inspiring children is a big focus for Zuckerberg, and she especially encourages girls and underserved communities to engage with her work. He ventures allow children to explore their own interest within technology and science.


One such venture is an innovative wonderland workshop, Sue’s Kitchen, which is a technology-themed family dining experience, where selfies are edible, candy is used for coding, and storytelling is immersive.

Zuckerberg is also the creator of an acclaimed animated television show, Dot, which premiered in 2016 that is based on Zuckerberg’s own picture book.



Zuckerberg has a passion for theatre and sits on the board of The American Theatre Wing (a financial and educational support body for theatre) and a performing arts center, she also starred in a Broadway show herself; Rock of Ages, in 2014.

Not a stone remains unturned by Zuckerberg, and she will continue to create new ventures to inspire others. 

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Text by Rosanna Bueler Mount