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Andreas Kustås Appointed Executive Producer for Nordic Business Forum

In addition to his role at Oslo Business Forum, Andreas Kustås (27) is taking the next step by becoming the Executive Producer at Nordic Business Forum. The role will greatly influence the three largest leadership conferences in the Nordics. 


In May this year, Nordic Business Forum, which is the largest business conference in the Nordics, acquired parts of Oslo Business Forum. The two companies work together to offer their customers the best conference experience possible. Andreas Kustås is now taking the next step by becoming the Executive Producer for the three largest leadership conferences in the Nordics. That includes the main responsibility for the implementation of the conference in Helsinki with 7,500 participants and 25,000 via streaming, Stockholm with 2,000 participants and Oslo with 3,500 participants.


"I have full confidence in Andreas and we are very pleased that he is accepting the role as Executive Producer for our conferences. With Andreas in this position, I can concentrate fully on the responsibility as Chairman of the Board and the internationalization process for the company. He is both structured and creative. Despite his young age, he has very relevant experience from Oslo Business Forum that we will benefit from," says Hans-Peter Siefen, Founder and Chairman of Nordic Business Forum.


The 27-year-old started as a Project Manager for Oslo Business Forum in November 2017. Since then he's been responsible for the implementation of four conferences with thousands of participants and speakers ranging from international superstars to former world leaders. Kustås has accomplished much in a short time. He has worked with the Secret Service and Scotland Yard to facilitate the visits of Barack Obama and David Cameron. 


"Andreas has been and will continue to be very important for Oslo Business Forum. As the person responsible for the implementation of our conferences, and as the main point of contact for our speakers, Kustås  has had a lot of responsibility from the beginning, and he continues to get great feedback. It is well-deserved that he now gains responsibility for the implementation of Nordic Business Forum's conferences in Helsinki and Stockholm, and it will make Oslo Business Forum better too," says Christoffer Omberg, founder and CEO of Oslo Business Forum.


When the next conferences take place in September next year, it is with Kustås as Executive Producer for 35 speakers and conference halls packed with approximately 13,000 business executives.


"I am humbled and proud of the trust that I am being shown by the management in both Oslo Business Forum and Nordic Business Forum. I look forward to playing an important role, both in the strategic cooperation between the countries and in the creation of the coolest conferences for leaders internationally," concludes Andreas Kustås.