Ambassador Team Leader

In Oslo Business Forum we consider the ambassadors to be the most essential part of our conferences and need the right people with us. One of the things we are most proud of is the quality and amount of ambassadors that choose to be part of our conferences. We must ensure they have the best possible experience working with us and help us ensure a world-class experience.


As the Ambassadors Team Leader, you will be responsible for recruiting ambassadors to our conference and organizing events for them. The goal is to foster a sense of community to ensure everyone has what they need. Moreover, general responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating Ambassador applications and dividing the Ambassadors into their designated team
  • Communicating important information to Ambassadors and making sure they are well oriented
  • Being the point of contact for ambassadors when questions or other inquiries arise
  • Collecting information from ambassadors that are relevant to the execution of the Ambassadors Program
  • Facilitating the Ambassador Area at the conference and making sure the needs of our Ambassadors are met
  • Planning and leading events such as training days, introduction meetings, and preparation days
Ambassador Team Leader


We are looking for you who...

  • Are not afraid of taking the lead and speaking in front of bigger crowds
  • Are flexible, proactive, and burn for outstanding customer service
  • Genuinely enjoy learning and self-development
  • Can embrace and adapt to change
  • Have a positive attitude and accept challenges!
  • Enjoy teamwork
  • Can dedicate weeks 38 and 39 to the execution of the conference
  • Is fluent in English - written and spoken
  • Has a Class B Driver’s License
  • Has participated at Oslo Business Forum 2022 before as an Ambassador (volunteer)
  • Bonus: Has experience with Microsoft Excel

Application details

The Application must contain (max. 1 page):

  • Birthdate and year of birth
  • Study program
  • A text explaining why you are interested in becoming a part of the team
    • Describing experiences and abilities that may be relevant for the position, indicating why you would be a good fit for the position
  • Whether you have participated as an Ambassador in the past
  • A confirmation of the following:
    • Driver’s License
    • Your availability in weeks 33-39
    • Your English skills
  • Contact information

Please remember to include your CV as well.

Deadline: Tuesday the 11th of April 23:59.


Silje Borger,
Former Ambassador and Logistics Team Leader

“Being a part of the leadership program has been a great opportunity to learn about the business. As a student, I got to transform theory to practice. I got to experience firsthand how it’s all connected, from small details to large decisions. Together as a team you work towards common goals and help each other grow, both professionally and personally.”