[Free Webinar] with Morten Hansen

Do Less, Then Obsess: How to Be More Productive in the New Year

The webinar content is available until 26 February 2024.

A new year brings new possibilities to boost your productivity and performance. Most managers and employees often juggle too many tasks without focusing on the most impactful ones. In this webinar, Professor Morten Hansen draws from a groundbreaking study of 5,000 people to provide highly practical tools and tips for enhancing your and your team's productivity.

The webinar will begin with an introductory speech by Cecilia Flatum, Head of Consulting at Deloitte Norway.

Learning points:
  • Discover how to eliminate non-essential activities and concentrate on what adds the most value to your job.
  • Simply focusing on key tasks isn't sufficient; mastering them is also crucial for optimal performance.
  • Discover practical strategies for declining lesser priorities to focus on what matters most.
  • Uncover the pivotal question Steve Jobs frequently asked his team.
  • Can you have it all in 2024—better performance and better work-life balance?

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