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New World. New Skills. Before and Beyond COVID-19

Thursday 1st of October, 10:00-10:45, Norwegian time (CET)

Webinar_PWC_v02_Signup-imageThis pandemic is changing society and there is little prospect of returning to the world exactly as we knew it. Consequently, organisations are rethinking their upskilling and reskilling efforts for both the short and long term applying lessons learnt during COVID-19. How to develop future skills and encourage "good work" in and after a COVID-19 world?

In the webinar, you will learn:

  • How to take business and corporate responsibility to ensure the future of the workforce
  • How to meet the needs of the employee in an upskilling context
  • How should management work with upskilling in order to be fit for the future

About the speakers:

Anne-Lene is responsible for the national roll-out of the global initiative "New world. New skills"

As a learning specialist Pernille has supported leaders and employees on a broad range of upskilling initiatives. 

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