Speaker Contest 2022

Are you our next speaker?

Together with Business Forum Group, we host an annual Speaker Contest in which we hope to discover ingenious talent, original concepts, and thought-provoking perspectives from professionals and first-timers alike.

​​The winner of the contest will get to: 

Over the course of the contest, we will pick 30 contestants to speak online at one of the five different semifinal rounds. One person from each semifinal will continue to the final, and from those 5 finalists, a winner will be picked.

What is the themes?

The overarching theme of our 2022 events is Future-Focused Leadership. You can apply to speak about topics relating to one of the following subthemes:

  • Future of Work
  • Culture
  • Sustainability

Remember, we are looking for aspiring keynote speakers who can help business leaders to grow. By sharing your tool or idea, you could be the person to make leaders rise to the next level!

Timeline of the contest

Application period: 

  • 4 January 2022 - 6 February 2022

Semifinal rounds: 

  • 10 March 2022: Helsinki Semifinals
  • 17 March 2022: Stockholm Semifinals
  • 24 March 2022: Tallinn Semifinals
  • 31 March 2022: Amsterdam Semifinals
  • 4 April 2022: Oslo Semifinals

Note: You may apply to any of the above regardless of your country of origin.
All qualifying rounds will be held remotely and contestants will dial in. 

The Final: 

  • 31 May 2022


Note: If possible, the final will be held live, either in Helsinki or Amsterdam. 









Now is your chance

How to Apply

Step 1: Find your idea.

Take some time to identify the idea that you want to use as the foundation of your presentation. Ideally, it’s a topic in which you are an expert so you can talk about it with confidence.

Step 2: Write down your pitch.

Use your storytelling skills to walk us through how you plan to convey your idea to the world. What is the idea in short? Why is it important for business leaders? Outline the concept and your presentation from start to finish. (Remember, the language is English!)

Step 3: Film it!

Record a short (1-4 minute) preview of your talk. Speak in English, try to relax, and show us your presentation style. Keep in mind that the length of your actual presentation should be 12 minutes in the semifinal round and 15 minutes in the final. Use this video to support your written application.

Step 4: Upload your video and fill in your application.

Enter your details, copy over your written summary and video URL ready, and select your preferred semifinal date. (Remember, please make sure that the video is behind a link that we can access.)

Step 5: Hit submit and wait!

After submitting your application, just wait. We will be in touch with all the candidates by 21 February.

The application deadline is 6 February 2022.

"It was such a privilege to go head-to-head with other great speakers and to ultimately win the competition. I highly recommend participating – you’ll learn a lot about yourself in the process!"

Anssi Rantanen

Winner of speaker contest 2019

Meet Previous Winners

Find out more about the winners of 2018 and 2019, who made it through the Speaker Contest, winning a spot on stage at our main event.

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